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wpe30.jpg (201508 bytes) York Family Cemetery

Located on private property.  The East Coast Allreds have erected a new gate (there was already a fence around the area) cut down and removed a lot of the large briars and small trees from the cemetery.  For more information and/or permission to visit, contact Dennis York.

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wpe42.jpg (133738 bytes) The cows supervising our work in the cemetery.  Their pasture surrounds the cemetery, but a fence keeps the cows from entering the cemetery and disturbing the graves.

 wpe40.jpg (110964 bytes) Nathaniel York, born April 22, 1774, Died May 25, 1839.  Note the date 1837 below the death date.  We couldn't figure out what this date signified.  If you have any idea, please contact us.

 wpe3E.jpg (89393 bytes) C. York was born Dec 4 ___, died Sept 1, 1842 We couldn't read the year in the birth date. 

 wpe3C.jpg (71772 bytes) In Memory of Wm. York, Born Jan 28, 1802, Died April 25, 1845

 wpe3A.jpg (103568 bytes)Here lies the body of L. C. York, Decease, March 10 the 1844, Bornd The 28 Day of Feb 1797

 wpe36.jpg (99154 bytes) In Memory of John W. York, Born Dec 1, 1828, Died Oct 8, 1854

Maggie J., daughter of A. J. and M. J. Turner, Born Sept 11, 1826, Died Nov 18, 1826, Aged 2 Mo's, 2 dy's.  Note the age listed.  Whoever carved the tombstone couldn't add very well.  Maggie was actually 2 months and 7 days old when she died.

 wpe38.jpg (91683 bytes) In Memory of Wm. Y. York, Born Oct 3, 1823, Died Aug 30, 1854

  Believe in the Rememberance of A. York, Died Feb 10, 1814, Aged abut 17.  Words spelled as they were on the tombstone.

  Mary Emeline York No dates

 wpe32.jpg (105702 bytes) In Memory of Maory M. York, Wife of H. C. York, Born July 7, 1824, Died Feb 6, 1856  Note the second "H" by H. C. York's name.  Also note the "P B Jack" carved on the bottom of the stone.  This is the work of a vandal.  Apparently someone felt the need to carve the "H" and "PB Jack" into the stone.  Thankfully, no other damage was found.


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