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Take HWY 52 east from Livingston, then follow HWY 85 south to the community of Allred. Don't blink - you'll miss it!!  The cemetery is directly across the street from the Allred Post Office. wpeAB.jpg (34099 bytes)For further information about this cemetery, contact Charlotte Allred Walker.

A short narrative by Charles Clinton Allred:
"In 1944, I was in Allred, Tennessee and had a very good dinner and breakfast with a Tim Allred.  Before going there I had a very strange dream.  In my dream, I saw a path going across a field on a hillside and a bunch of bushy trees.  I went across the field, upon parting the brush I saw a small graveyard with a fence around it.  On the other side of the grave yard was a pond of water for cattle.  There was something strange about this family cemetery.  The tombs were all above ground, level, with a head stone next to each.
This dream came true in 1944.  After receiving an honorable medical discharge from the US Navy a few months later, I found myself in Allred, TN.  My heart did pound as this dream was fulfilled there and then!
I was able to make out the name and date on 24 of the headstones.  Several others were unreadable and some falling in.  I sent a copy to Archibald F. Bennett (his mother is an Allred).  He later wrote a book and published by story on page 96 "A Guide of Genealogical Research".  
Tim Allred and his wife were very good to me.  She is a very good Southern Cook.  They were the postmasters in Allred, Tennessee and lived in a log house.  She could spit across the room and his a hot stove and hear it sizzle under the lid without a miss.  
Several connections have been made because of this dream."

wpe8D.jpg (25739 bytes)  Frankey Allred 8/18/1843 - 12/12/1878

wpe8B.jpg (18813 bytes) Sarah (Copeland) Allred 1/10/1810 - 12/3/1885

wpe8F.jpg (28499 bytes) wpe91.jpg (30524 bytes) Baley Allred 1/15/1806 - 8/11/1869

wpe95.jpg (34365 bytes) Helen Allred 3/5/1857 - 4/5/1930

wpe93.jpg (39865 bytes) Irving Allred 9/24/1852 - 2/23/1935  "A man beloved by the entire community."

wpe97.jpg (30126 bytes) P. M. (Pierson Mansfield) Allred 11/25/1858 - 1/28/1924

wpe99.jpg (23491 bytes)  Anna Speck, Consort of C. M. Allred, 2/3/1814 - 10/9/1849

wpe9B.jpg (37079 bytes)  Epsey E. Allred, Wife of C. M. Allred, 3/29/1831 - 7/28/1895

wpe9D.jpg (34338 bytes)  Arminda K. Allred Poteet, 10/24/1850 - 1/19/1849

wpeA1.jpg (36376 bytes) wpe9F.jpg (35714 bytes)  Nancy (Walker) Allred, 3/22/1785 - 4/13/1860  The unmarked grave next to Nancy is suppose to be her husband, Jonathan Allred.  The unmarked grave directly behind Nancy is suppose to be Jonathan's mother, Margaret Chaney Allred.  This info per family still living in the area.

wpeA5.jpg (30792 bytes)  Robert Allred, 3/2/1851 - 2/15/1862

wpeA3.jpg (39453 bytes)  Richard Allred, 8/30/1830 - 8/27/1853

wpeA9.jpg (36411 bytes)  Ruben Walker, died 4/18/1876 Nancy Walker Allred's brother


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