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Summer 2017

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Elias, son of Thomas

Research Report on the Wives of Thomas Allred

Original Handwritten will dated 1809  

Transcribed Will

How many times have you looked at an old land record and saw some confusing
description of the land that read something like:

Beginning at a Red Oak running North 70 chains, 3 links to a rock on a ridge
then west 80 chains, 17 links to the big Pine, then south 53 chains 12 links
to the Gum, then east 89 chains and 5 links to the beginning........

I can't help you figure out where the Red Oak or big Pine are, but I can
explain what a link and chain are.  Per notes given to me by Ralph Allred of
Greensboro, land grants were described by North to South lines and East to
West lines measured off by Chains.  A chain is 66 feet in length and is made
up of 100 links, each .01 chain in length or 7.92 inches.

The Colonies used the Metes and Bounds System for surveying. 80x66' = 5280' or a mile.  After the Revolution the Federal Grid System was established during the Jefferson Administration of  6sq. miles by 6sq. miles for a Township.  The Mason-Dixon Line that established the state lines of MD. & PA. was the first base line which ran out of PA and into Ohio in about 1785.  Jim Allred

There are very few written documents that name Thomas or tell us about his life.  Below are some that we have found that give us a few clues. 

John's first land grant names Thomas, leading us to believe Thomas was living with him at the time (March 15, 1755).  Click here to view that land grant and read the transcription.  Another description of that same land grant is found on page 50 of the book Orange County Records, Vol. V, Granville Proprietary Land Office, Deeds & Surveys, 1752-1760 which is on file in the Randolph Room, Randolph County Library, Asheboro, NC.

To our knowledge, no one has found a copy of Thomas' original land grant and there is no record of it on file that we have found.  However we do know he owned land. A land record dated March 10, 1788 tells us that Thomas had bought 144 acres from John Allred sometime prior to the date and was now selling it to Jeremiah York.   Click here to read a transcription of the document.

This is a copy of a land record dated September 1, 1788 that shows Thomas Allred and his wife, Elizabeth, sold land to James Allred.   Again, this is part of the land that Thomas bought from John Allred prior to this date.  Click here for a transcription.





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