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wpeC5.jpg (37151 bytes) Shiloh Road Cemetery wpeB7.jpg (44105 bytes)

From Livingston, take HWY 52 east, then take HWY 85 south to the community of Allred.  Go about 1 mile, turn right onto Shiloh Road.  The cemetery will be about 1 mile down this road on your left. 

wpeB5.jpg (38816 bytes)  H. A. Allred, 12/16/1881 - 5/20/1899

wpeBB.jpg (38180 bytes) wpeB9.jpg (40985 bytes)  F. B. Allred, 12/16/1868 - 7/7/1896

wpeBD.jpg (33173 bytes)  Leta Jane Allred, 12/29/1929 - 12/3/1932

wpeBF.jpg (29993 bytes)  John Lloyd Allred 6/9/1875 - 7/16/1953 and Lillie Mae Allred 10/10/1886 - 11/1/1960

wpeC3.jpg (33657 bytes)  William Allred, born at Poteet, Tenn., 6/23/1842 - 3/26/1921 and Eliza, daughter of Henry Nelson, born at Barnville, GA, 7/15/1842 - 5/20/1915 I wish all tombstones contained so much great info!!!

wpeC1.jpg (42282 bytes) Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Allred, Born & Died July 22, 1913


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