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Providence Friends 

Located on Providence Church Road in northeast Randolph County.  Take HWY 22 north from Franklinville.  Go about 2 1/2 miles north of Grays Chapel, then turn left onto Providence Church Road.  The church is 2 1/2 miles down on your left.  The cemetery is directly across the street from the church.

  A view looking across the cemetery towards the church.  You can see the Lindley graves in the foreground to the left of the photo.

  This shows the 5 Lindley graves all together.  In the background, at the top of the photo, you can see the grave of Naomi Wise.

  J. T. (James Thomas) Lindley, April 25, 1835 - Aug 12, 1913

  Fareba Allred Lindley, Jan 20, 1840 - May 14, 1912

  Asenath, daughter of J T and F Lindley, Sept 31, 1841 - April 1, 1887

  ?  Needs to be chalked so we can read it. 

wpe20.jpg (35731 bytes)  Ida Lindley King, 1874 - 1958


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