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Overton County, Tennessee

2002 Allred Reunion in Overton County, TN

    Jonathan and Theophilus Allred, grandsons of the "original" Solomon, moved their families from North Carolina in the early 1800's.  Jonathan moved first, showing up in Kentucky land records in 1806.  Theophilus arrived a few years later.  Although the land they settled on was located in Kentucky, the state and county lines changed over the next several years and that same land is now located in Overton County, Tennessee. On the map, just east of Livingston near the Fentress County line you will see the two communities named after these men:  Allred and Solomon's Hollow. Click here to visit the Allred page on the Overton County web site.

Click here to read an excerpt from a research report on Jonathan Allred written by Dawnell Griffin. 

Overton County tombstone photos

Allred excerpts from the Overton County Historical Society Newsletter (Spring 2001)

Photos taken during the 1999 Week of Allred trip to Overton County, TN

Confederate Memorial Service held Oct 13, 2001 for Frederick Copeland Allred (1838 - 1924)  

Confederate Service Records for Overton County Allreds

Which Solomon and William Allred signed the 1813 Petition?


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