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Latest Allred Research News & Reports

Go To:  Research Report about the wives of Thomas Allred who died 1809, Randolph County, NC

Go To:  Allred Time Line 1580 - 1762

Go To:  Research Report:  Allred / Smith / Pemberton Connections by Dawnell Griffin, written November 2003.

Go to:  Research Report about our findings in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, written March 30, 2003.

Go to:  Letter found dated 1695 written by John Allred of Manchester, England to Phineas Pemberton of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  This letter was found January 10, 2003 in the Pemberton Collection housed in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in downtown Philadelphia.  

Go to:  Research Report presented at the Allred Reunion in Randolph County, NC on September 7, 2002 by Mike Marshall.  This report details the most recent information and clues found leading us to believe Solomon Allred may have been the father of the four "original" men who came to North Carolina.

Go to:  Research Report written September 2000 by Linda Allred Cooper detailing the information known about the four "original" Allred men at that date.

Go to:  Research Report written October 1993 by Dawnell Griffin detailing why we no longer believe we descend from the Aldridge family of Northumberland County, VA.




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