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 wpe7.jpg (265455 bytes) Lane - Foust Cemetery

Located on private property on Old Liberty Road in Randolph County, NC.  Permission from land owner necessary before visiting.  Abandoned and almost completely hidden by trees and woods, the ECAFA has gained permission to clean and restore this cemetery.  For more information, Contact Gina

 As the graves are identified, we'll attempt to post copies of original documents (will, estate papers, etc.) to show why or how we identified each.  If you have any questions about this process or would like to help, please Contact Gina  Unless otherwise noted, all document originals are on file in the Research Room, NC Archives, Raleigh, NC. 

Finding the Cemetery:
Just finding the cemetery is a chore.  It's actually located within the city limits of Ramseur, but in a heavily wooded location about 1/2 mile off the nearest paved road.  The only access is an old logging road that is in bad shape, so we had to walk in.  About half way down the road, we had to cross Reedy Creek on an old wooden and concrete bridge that had been underwater because of some beavers who have been very busy building dams in the area. 

wpeD.jpg (232005 bytes) wpeF.jpg (163456 bytes) wpe11.jpg (187964 bytes) wpe13.jpg (178179 bytes)

As you can see from the photos below, the cemetery was is very bad shape.  Some very large trees had fallen and were lying on top of tombstones and graves.  Most of the tombstones were completely hidden.  If we had not known where this cemetery was located, we would not have found it. 

wpe1.jpg (237227 bytes)  wpe5.jpg (231950 bytes) wpeB.jpg (185307 bytes) wpe3.jpg (239690 bytes) wpe9.jpg (240022 bytes)

Franklin Allred stayed busy cutting down trees and underbrush while the rest of us moved the debris off the graves.  By the end of the work day, the cemetery was cleared off and tombstones were easily seen.

wpe15.jpg (234041 bytes) wpe17.jpg (259568 bytes) wpe19.jpg (227790 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (283538 bytes) wpe1D.jpg (257406 bytes)

But, A Lot More Needs To Be Done:
The ECAFA will be returning to the cemetery many times over the next year, continuing to clean off the graves and starting to restore everything as much as possible.  We will also be working to record, photograph and identify all of the graves and tombstones.  If you would like to help with this project, please Contact Gina.  If you live nearby, plan to join us on workdays.  Financial contributions are also welcome!  Gas to run the chain saw, materials needed to repair tombstones, etc., all cost money.  Remember, your donations can be tax deductible.

The Tombstone Photos:
Below are photos of some of the tombstones.  More photos will be posted here after our next trip to the cemetery.  If you can help identify the graves, please Contact Gina.

wpe1F.jpg (138381 bytes) Elizabeth Avery,  Feb 19, 1851 - Nov 23, 1911, aged 60 yr, 9mo, 4da

wpe21.jpg (173478 bytes) Anna Elizabeth, daughter of I. H. and Margaret Foust, July 16, 1855 - August 6, 1855

wpe23.jpg (142777 bytes) Jane Lane, Nov 28, 1824 - July 11, 1894 and Fields Lane, May 1, 1815 - July 27, 1875, Married August 25, 1843

wpe25.jpg (80221 bytes) Elizabeth, wife of Garret Lane, October 1, 1809 - Sept 5, 1846

wpe27.jpg (187325 bytes) Garret Lane, June 24, 1801 - Jan 8, 1855, aged 63 yrs, 6 mos, 15 ds

wpe29.jpg (117763 bytes) wpe2B.jpg (235940 bytes) Tidance and Rebeca Lane's graves are within this raised tomb which has a stone slab top.  A huge pine tree had fallen across the tomb which we removed.  On our next trip, we plan to clean off the top of the tomb and try to restore it.  The land the cemetery is on was once owned by Tidance Lane and everyone buried there seems to be a Lane family member.

wpe2D.jpg (229650 bytes) Rebeca Lane, Died 1846, Age About 85 yrs

wpe2F.jpg (193222 bytes) Tidance Lane, Died 1845, Age About 85 Yrs






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