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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Tell me about this site.

A:  This is the official web site for the Allred Family Organization (AFO). 

Q:  Where is the AFO located? 

A: We don't have a fancy office or headquarters building somewhere where you can drop by for a visit.   The AFO is made up of over 300 members and volunteers dedicated to collecting, organizing, storing, distributing, and figuring out all the twists and turns in the Allred family tree.  We work out of our homes and our members live in many different states, all across the country.  However, via links on this web site, we are easy to find.  On our Board of Directors' page you can click on anyone's name and send an e-mail to that person.  Whenever individuals are posting information on their family history or that they have worked on, a link on that page will allow you to send e-mail to that person.    

Q:  Why aren't the home addresses and/or phone numbers for the Board members posted? 

A:  Privacy.  However, you can contact that person via their e-mail link and ask for that info if you'd like.  Making their person address and phone number available is an individual decision - some will give it to you, some may not. 

Q:  Is there a directory or list of AFO members? 

A:  No.  Again, for privacy reasons.  Also, we don't want our membership list to suddenly show up on some advertiser's mailing or spam list.  But, we will try to work with you to provide the names and addresses of members who descend from the family branch of the family tree as you or who live in the same state you live in - or a state you are visiting.  Email to contact us for that info.

Q:  Is it ok to copy the info I find?

A:  Yes.  That's why we posted it.  Our family history belongs to all of us.  But, PLEASE, give the author or compiler credit!!  Don't just copy the info and put it in your files, pass it out or sell it as your work.  Research is hard work and it's only proper to pay tribute to those who offer to share the fruits of their labors.  Whenever possible, we are listing the person or group of people responsible for a report or information posted on this site where it can be easily found.  If in doubt, just contact us and we'll get that information for you.  

Q:  Information on my family history - or the information that I was hoping to find is not here.  Where can I find it?

A:  Try to imagine how many Allreds have been born and died over the centuries.  It is impossible to research and post information about each one of them, but we are trying to gather and post as much as possible.  It may be that one of us already has the information that you need, but we just haven't had time to post it yet.  However, we understand the impatient researcher - we relate!  Because it may be a while before you get time to post the info you are interested in - and you don't want to wait - just one of our Board of Directors and tell us what you're interested in.  If one of us has that information, we'll be glad to put you in touch with that person so you can share and swap.  Also, please keep in mind that we are volunteers.  Perhaps it is time for you to volunteer to share the information you have gathered on your branch of the family to help others. 

Q:  I found an original document or photo that I want a copy of - but I can't seem to down-load a clear copy or my printer won't print a clear copy.  Is there another way of getting that information? 

A:  Yes.  Tell us what the problem is and/or what you're interested in.  We'll work with you to get you a clear copy of the info.  In some cases, we may need to send you the info via the US Postal Service.  Some times the old fashioned way is the best way.  


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