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Newsletter #100 Fall 2014

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A Brief Description of the AFO 

The Allred Family Organization (AFO) began in 1987 when a group of Allred descendants got together for a family reunion in  Lehi, Utah.   They didn't know much about the family roots at that time, but had the desire to seek and learn.   All were descendants of Reuben Warren Allred (1815-1896) and most lived in Utah, so that's where their search began.

wpe1.gif (511640 bytes) The first newsletter was published in October 1989.  As news spread of a new family organization dedicated to Gathering, Storing and Sharing Allred genealogy information, more and more people joined and began to contribute information.

Today the AFO has over 470 members living in 41 different states, Italy,  Canada and Mexico.  Descendants from all branches of the Allred family contribute information and participate in activities.   Our newsletter is published quarterly and contains a variety of articles, research reports, family stories, photos and news of activities and events. 

Our Board of Directors is equally diverse, representing several different states and several different family lines.  Our General Board Reps will be glad to try to answer your questions about their area and share their family history information.  wpe6.jpg (29138 bytes)


There are many Allred reunions held around the country each year.   We will happily advertise them here whenever possible.  Check them out!  Attend the one nearest your home - or come join us at all of them!

Research Information on the Allred family comes to us in a variety of forms from a variety of sources.  Some of our members are amateur genealogists and some are professionals.   We are focused on providing documentation that will aid in your Allred research.  

By now you're wondering "How do I join in the fun?".  Easy.  Memberships are $20 per year.   Members receive 4 newsletters per year, a chance to vote for our Board of Directors, and beginning in 2003 a chance to vote on where our annual reunion will be held.  To join, simply click here and follow the instructions.


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