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Summer 2017

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St. Paul M. E. Church
Randleman, NC
(Now the St. Paul Museum)

The museum use to be the First Methodist Church.  St. Paul M. E. Church, was organized in 1855.  In 1879, the present hand-made brick building was erected through the generous funding of John H. Ferree and John Banner Randleman. In 1948, St. Paul merged with Naomi Methodist Church to become First Methodist Church. The last religious service was held in 1951. The church became St. Paul Museum in 1968.  Photos and info contributed by Jan Allred Best 

"The carpenter tools in St Paul belong to Jefferson Monroe Allred, handed down to Eugene Allred then my Uncle Clyde Allred.  When he passed my Aunts donated them to the museum." Jan Allred Best

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