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Summer 2017

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James and Elizabeth Allred
Edited Reprint of the First Edition

Now Available

 In 1995, the book, James and Elizabeth Allred, was published by Linda Allred Steele.
After the book sold out, the author received many requests for additional copies.
The author held off interested readers promising a "second edition."
Before the author was able to publish the "second edition," she passed away in 2005.
At first we persisted in the goal to produce a "second edition" rather than reprint
the first edition. Because the "second edition" took more time than contemplated,
we decided to reprint the first edition.

The reprint is not the long awaited "Second Edition" that the author had been
working on for years. The main body and text of the book are substantially the same.
Different and included in this printing are fully documented family group sheets
prepared by Dawnell H. Griffin of the entire family of James and Elizabeth Warren Allred.  A full index is included. The editor has added a Foreword by Dawnell H. Griffin, a new Preface to the Reprint, Acknowledgements, a short biography About the Author, and has added some pictures and new maps. The changes referred to in the original
Eratta sheet along with some minor grammatical, spelling and citation corrections
have been silently made. Other notes and changes made are included in [brackets.]

The printer is emCole, in Bountiful, Utah. This printing is an 8 x 11 hard-back version.

Cost - $30.00
Send Order to: Larry A. Steele at
PO Box 1585
Vernal, Utah 84078
(435) 789-3462

Shipping for first book - $6.00
Shipping for each additional book - $1.50

Include your name, address, phone, and email with order

Make checks payable to Larry A. Steele

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