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Summer 2017

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One Step Mutation - An Example and Possible Explanation
Eddie Clay and Hollis

A male's sperm is regenerated every 90 days.  Each time it's regenerated, there is a chance that a mutation could occur.  Some things that may cause a mutation are:
 age - the older the father is when the baby is conceived, the better the chance for a mutation health - something serious like cancer or drugs taken for a disease working on the father could cause the mutation

Sometimes a mutation happens and no one knows why.  DNA is still a relatively young science - time will give us more info.

Eddie Clay and Hollis are first cousins.  We expected their results to perfectly match, but they didn't.  Their results were:

Eddie Clay:  13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 12 14 13 30

Hollis:           13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 11 14 13 30

A one point mutation in marker # 9 or the 9th set of numbers.  Eddie Clay had a 12 and Hollis had a 11. The answer is simply an unexplainable mutation between father and son
which happens.

One Step Mutation - Another Example and Possible Explanation
Jack and Hubert

Jack and Hubert have been paper documented back to "mystery" Jesse.  (We've never been able to figure out who Jesse's parents were.)  Why didn't Hubert and Jack's results match perfectly - after all, they descend from the same ancestor, "mystery" Jesse.

That's probably because each of Hubert's ancestors, his father, grandfather, great grandfather, had small families and each father was fairly young when Hubert's ancestor was conceived.  Remember, the age of the father can cause a mutation.  Jack, on the other hand, is the product of older men who had large families - and each of Jack's ancestors, father, grandfather, great grandfather, were the youngest or next to youngest sons of these large
families.  The fathers were much older by the time each of Jack's ancestors were conceived - thus there was a greater chance for a mutation.



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